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In calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing,

I feel the same way as I do in life - the pretty cover alone is not enough for me. A calligraphic work only interests me when it contains something hidden - a story, experience or mood that is not experienced through the content of the text, but through the style, the material used and what is not told, the white space. A beautifully written word is pleasing, but a stroke that tells of joy, wildness, excitement, longing, searching and confusing feelings can fascinate for much longer.

For me, beauty means liveliness. It remains mysterious. There is always something to discover that does not reveal itself to the fleeting glance.

My work is based on a story or experience that I sometimes cannot put into words and can only express through art. When I succeed in designing a sheet, a collage or a canvas in such a way that it tells of my feelings and yet retains a little mystery, then I feel that my work is beautiful.

St. Augustine put it this way: "Beauty is the splendor of truth."

Marí Emily Bohley, 2008